Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth

In 1660, when the hopes of the English Republic were coming to an end, when there was little hope of anything but the restoration of an absolute monarchy, and when those involved in the Commonwealth had little to hope from the future but a painful and public death by torture, the poet John Milton published a pamphlet entitled "The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a Free Commonwealth". In it he declared that human beings were naturally free and that the commonwealth he had desired, which had never been achieved, might still be accomplished.

This blog is named in honour of John Milton, who published his beliefs when all hope seemed gone. The title, "Areopagitica", comes from the title of his pamphlet which urged freedom of the press and free debate.

There is a need for free debate now. Above all, there is a need for informed public discussion against the anti-liberal and anti-democratic trends of our current British government. The immediate impetus comes from the Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill currently due to receive its third reading in parliament. If this is carried by the Commons and approved by the Lords, we shall no longer be living in a parliamentary democracy but in a ministerial dictatorship.

I have initiated this blog but I am inviting friends to post views. I hope that anyone reading it will feel free to add thoughtful comments.


Anonymous kwinsw said...

Good idea for a blog: what happened to it?

11:47 pm  
Blogger areopagitica said...

the idea or the blog? We've been blogging on and off for a while now but this was the first ever post - surprising to find a comment on it.


10:41 pm  

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