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On Monday 22 May, the Armed Forces Bill will be considered in full for the last time in Parliament. It has already been through the Lords.

All that the Lords will be able to do after 22 May is approve (or reject) Amendments made by the Commons.

The Bill extends the penalty for refusal to serve in "an occupied country" (interesting way of describing the supposedly independent Afghanistan and Iraq) from 2 years to LIFE !

The Bill will extend Military Justice to include any civilian they choose to accuse of trying to inform military personnel of their personal rights, responsibilities and duties under both British and International Law. Particularly, of course, the duty to disobey an illegal order and the right to draw this to theattention of ones Commanding Office.And the right to become a Conscientious Objector.

The Bill places the total control of the Armed Forces under the Government rather than sharing it with the Queen. This echoes Hitlers personal takeover of the German Armed Forces in 1934.

The Bill will also finally abolish the Annual renewal of the Armed Forces (and their financing) by Parliament which was one of the key provisions of the Constitutional Settlement of 1689.

It returns the control of the Armed Forces to the situation in the time of King James II & VII which was one of the factors that led to the Revolution that overthrew him in the first place because he used the Forces to help his French ally against the wishes of Parliament. The same now threatens if the Forces are used to help America against the wishes of Parliament.

The Government will be able to do what it likes with the Armed Forces without needing Parliaments approval either for the policy or for the money.

It is the final act in establishing a Military Dictatorship for use whenever desired.

If the Prime Minister can ignore Parliament for Military activity and ignore the Courts for civilian control (as he now proposes) he will have no need of those original Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill powers (to legislate without Parliament) that he's just been forced to withdraw!

I'm astounded that nobody in either the Lords or the Commons has even noticed!

I think the sudden hoo-ha that's been stirred up about the Human Rights Act is to distract everyone's attention for just one more week .....

If nothing is done to stop it, dictatorship starts on 22 May.


Blogger areopagitica said...

from k

while I share your concern with the Armed Forces Bill, I don't think we can neglect the threatened attack on Human Rights legislation and the independence of courts and judges.

There are so many attacks on the liberty and democracy which we have taken for granted that it's hard to begin to defend them. I sometimes wonder whether the attack on so many fronts is a deliberate tactic; it makes it easier to denounce us as "paranoid" when we leap to the defence.

Unfortunately almost all the attacks are real. Liberty and democracy are in danger and we have no choice but to defend them.

2:45 pm  
Blogger Elizabeth McClung said...

With the bills coming through, combining this and the other parliment and security bills - it seems to suggest that Britian is constantly under a state of unenforced martial law. Is that the case if these bills get through - that the power to override the rule of law and individual freedoms is already being processed?

8:05 pm  

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