Thursday, February 01, 2007

"this precious stone set in a silver sea"

posted by k

What do you call a country in which parents are dragged from their families without vital medicine, in which children are imprisoned, in which deportations happen without proper legal representation?

What d
o you call a country whose government stops an investigation into corruption? - in which one government minister reckons he has the power to veto serious charges against the prime minister, his friends and allies?

What do you call a country where the police and security services provide headline allegations against suspects who have not been charged, imperilling justice and fuelling fear and mistrust?

What do you call a country in which authorities compile a huge database of information on citizens and boast that all people are watched much of the time?

Great Britain? United Kingdom?

That's right. It's the country that, according to its prime minister, proclaims "a commitment to democracy, freedom and justice." Did I miss something? Is this really my country?


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