Monday, May 28, 2007

Coming shortly ... to a cinema near you

posted by k

I've heard about this film. My teenage son just alerted me to the trailer.

I'll have to find out where it's on and see it for myself.

Taking Liberties Trailer

More about the film here.

And there are details of the book here.

As we approach John Reid's threatened State of Emergency, I would like to write more but am busy with work. But I'm adding, without comment, links to two stories in the Sunday papers: the use of psychiatrists to confine people judged a risk to "VIP"s and the much-discussed threat to widen police powers to stop and question anyone they wish.

Meanwhile, in a wide-ranging article in the Sunday Times, Tony Blair has launched an attack on judges, parliament and the people. It seems that no-one knows what to do ... except Tony Blair.

If the police and psychiatrists can act on behalf of ministers to incarcerate mentally ill critics of the government, I wonder if they can also act on behalf of the people to incarcerate ministers.

P.S. If Taking Liberties isn't coming shortly to a cinema near you, why not write, phone or e-mail your local cinema and suggest they show it?

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