Sunday, September 30, 2007

Craig Murray's New Webhost Hacked

At 10.00pm UT on Sunday 30th September the following message
appears on the Atlantic Free Press Website:

" has been hacked. We are currently restoring from backup files and database on backup server.
Thank you for your patience.

Richard and his team host, among others, Atlantic Free Press, Pacific Free Press, and Chris Chris is also down.
This Server is run from Holland and was recently reported to have agreed to host Craig Murray.

It is not action by Usmanov's legal team at Schillers which has created this problem. It is action by others. Mind you, it is not only Usmanov (with his
power in Russia and Uzbekistani) who has an interest in silencing such determined and courageous sources of report, analysis and comment.




Anonymous Nadia said...

I hope Craig Murray is aware that he has many supporters.

11:39 am  

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