Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What I propose to write about

I congratulate K for starting this blog. I had been thinking for some time of launching one on the triangular relationship between individuals, states and humanity, but that is a big subject likely to take up a lot of time which is in short supply for me as it is for most of us.

This blog offers an opportunity to present such questions as: -
  • what is a state - does it differ from other organizations such as a company or a club, and if so why and how;
  • what is sovereignty - is it just propaganda and power;
  • whether there is a relationship between sovereignty and democracy; and
  • is a democratic state legally or morally superior to an undemocratic one.
I shall be discussing these and similar questions, not as hypothetical issues, but as practical ones concerning the exercise of the very limited powers that individuals in a modern, advanced society enjoy, such as the power to spend (or not to spend) and the power to vote.


Blogger areopagitica said...

from k

The difference between the state and any other institution (apart from the family or its substitute) is that we are all born as subjects of a state; the state can control and punish us before we can be heard by or within it. Any greater involvement is achieved through the process of maturity - and often through determination and action.

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