Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jahongir Sidikov - and what happens to protestors in Uzbekistan

If you can bear to see what happens to protesters in Uzbekistan, follow this link and watch the clip from Channel 4 News. Warning: some of the pictures are very disturbing.

The Home Office reckons Jahongir Sidikov doesn't need asylum because he's "not a major player". The "minor players" at Andijan and elsewhere ended up just as dead. Relatively unimportant people suffer just as much pain from torture as the rich and famous. Torture and murder are routine in Uzbekistan. Dissidents like Jahnogir are at serious risk.

It's time New Labour remembered old values. If government ministers don't believe in equality, simple humanity would do.

I'm glad to see that Channel 4 has taken an interest in this case. I wish the government would listen.

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Very well said.

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