Saturday, November 24, 2007

Campaign to save Jahongir Sidikov grows

These are just some of the bloggers and others opposing Jahongir Sidikov's deportation.

Turbulent Cleric
Postman Patel
Beeston Quakers
Kathz's Blog
Question That
Crimes and Corruption of the New World Order
My Whine in Silence
Signs of the Times
Politics in the Zeros
Chris Floyd telegrams
Indymedia UK
Rochdale online
Chris: Paul: Labour of Love
Craig Murray's Blog

Jahongir Sidikov's case details are:

Home Office ref. - S2185191

Port ref. - BGT/188094

DMS ref. - 67823

Find out how to contact your British MP here.

Fax your objections to the Home Secretary,
Rt. Hon. Jacqui Smith at 020 7035 3262 (00 44 20 7035 3262 if you are faxing from outside UK).

The opening of the most recent U.S.A. Human Rights report on Uzbekistan is here.
(There is also a link to the full report.)

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