Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Links in the Navigation Bar

I have taken the liberty of adding two links to the navigation bar, one British and one American. The British link is to "Open Democracy" which describes itself as "a new type of independent media based on exchange and participation." It has lots of good articles from some really big names like Paul Rogers of Bradford University and Sidney Blumenthal. Even Philip Bobbitt (whom I mention below) has made the odd contribution. The US link is Truthout which is a wonderful internet based news service. I particularly like the recent video casts from the Camp Casey regrouping just outside George Bush's holiday home at Crawford in Texas. Truthout is always appealing for dosh so I hope readers will open their cheque books.

Two other organizations that I propose to add to our list are "Liberty" and the American Civil Liberties Union. Any objections?

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Blogger areopagitica said...

from k

Please add them and, if you know how, a proper link for - I really must take time to read the instructions on adding links. And thanks a lot for those you have added already.

4:50 pm  
Blogger areopagitica said...

from dodo

Save Parliament link added. Also suggest ZNet at which is another US based site but with a wide remit and authoritative writers.
Since Truthout is listed, there are other US sites which share some of that network of material including Common Dreams, Tom Dispatch and COunterpunch. Note if need be but I wouldn't argue for a huge list of links unless as a separate referral.
We need a better range of UK and European perspective and intelligent input.

10:01 pm  
Blogger areopagitica said...

from k

Do feel free - anyone - to add any links you think important. And thanks.

5:27 am  

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