Friday, June 27, 2008

The Government Will Protect

“It is part of the role of government not to wait till crime has been committed but, for the good of the wider community and the families themselves, to step in earlier when it is obvious to all agencies that this is the type of situation that can end in tragedy.” - Jacqui Smith: Home Secretary. The Times. 27th June 2008.

Is this not the same logic as has been used to propel the US and British peoples into support for an illegal war and occupation?
Is it not the same logic which underpins the ever more intrusive (and inadequately regulated) surveillance culture?
Is it not the same logic which is presumed to justify the dismantling of protections against injustice, against detention without trial, against abusive police interpretations of already abusive law?
Be reassured. The government will protect you. It will protect you from the witness and experience of the human condition, it will protect you from children and it will intervene to protect you from yourself.
Impossible, you say?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

please watch your word choice. People include all members of the larger group. You mean to say government.

11:28 pm  

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