Sunday, May 25, 2008

"proper study" - an update

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Many blogs have taken up the case of the students arrested under terrorism laws at Nottingham University. I have no time to post a full update but there are some useful points and links at a small blog run by Beeston Quakers.

I'd like to draw particular attention to the case of Hicham Yezza. After his undeserved arrest, he has suddenly been charged with immigration offences, even though he has been resident in Britain for thirteen years and is currently employed by Nottingham University. (Universities are usually very careful about visas, etc.) Hicham may be deported as early as Tuesday. You may wish to email your MP urging that his case is considered fully and scrupulously before any action is taken.

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Blogger Adam said...

The arrests were in relation to alleged "radical material", which the student was apparently in possession for research purposes. Lecturers in the student's department, as well as academics throughout the university, are deeply concerned about the ramifications of this arrest for academia and political research.


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